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We are glad to bring to your knowledge that the partners and members of the board of directors of Freight leader s.a.r.l. were undertaking negotiations since November 2005 in respect of buying and selling shares of the company and till this date, the partners and members of the board proudly announce the following changes and reshape of the company.

Freight Leader s.a.r.l. will have as Active & Executive Partners and Members of the Board of Directors:

- MM. Samir-Elie Francis & Moussa Salamoun

Personnel Key Staff of Freight Leader s.a.r.l. MM:

- Fawzi El-Asmar / Sales & Marketing        
- Olga Roumanos / Assistant & Marketing   

- Georges Saadeh / Follow-up & Operations
- Walid Demianos / Operations                 

- Elie Dagher / Accounting Manager          
- Georges Assaf / Assistant Operation       
- Carla Cherfane / Secretary                   

Freight Leader s.a.r.l.
Saifi - Pasteur Str., Medawar Bldg, 5th Floor.
Beirut - Lebanon
Tel: +961 1 581870/1 - 562989/90
Fax: +961 1 564387
Mob: +961 3 615691


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